The Best Plumbing Fittings

Provide your system with reliable performance by investing in quality plumbing fittings that reduce waste water and enhance overall system performance. These superior pipe connectors help maximize effectiveness by eliminating water waste while improving system functionality overall.

Pipe elbows tilt in the direction of water flow and are available with angles of 90 and 45 degrees, as well as long-radius and short-radius types.

Couplings connect pipes of equal diameter, often used to extend runs or change pipe sizes. These versatile pipe fittings come in ABS, brass, copper, CPVC malleable PVC and PVC materials.

SUNGATOR 6-Pack Female Adapter

Use this push-fit brass adapter to quickly connect a 3/4-in hose to your water line with ease. Compatible with copper and Pex-A tubing, and equipped with an on/off water valve shut off feature.

Push-fit fittings make installation fast and simple with no tools, soldering or glue needed – perfect for beginners learning soldering! No tools are needed; all installation can be completed quickly without tools, soldering or glue – perfect for all sorts of plumbing projects and suitable for beginners! SUNGATOR straight couplings come as part of sets that also contain other plumbing fixtures including elbow and angle shut-off valves for added convenience.

Each type of water supply valve offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial that you find one suitable to your needs. Sharkbite fittings are quick and beginner-friendly but may not last as long. Crimp or compression fits require more time and expertise but offer greater durability backed by lifetime warranties – like this brass push-fit angle stop valve and tee designed specifically to work with copper, Pex-A and CPVC pipes.

JUWO 1/2″ Push to Connect Coupling

The JUWO 1/2″ Push to Connect Coupling is a convenient plumbing fitting that requires no soldering or glue for assembly. Crafted of high-grade brass and designed to meet various safety standards, it is resistant to corrosion while being suitable for underground and behind-the-wall use. This bulk pack includes 35 pieces; 14 straight couplings, 14 90deg elbow connectors and 7 Tee fittings – enough for any underground or behind-the-wall application!

Push-to-connect plumbing fittings allow for the effortless installation of plumbing systems without glue, unions, or clamps. They are suitable for potable water and hydronic heating applications and can withstand various temperatures and pressures without leakage or leaks. Furthermore, their stainless steel gripping teeth and chlorine-resistant O-ring provide long-term sealing performance; furthermore they can easily be installed and removed using a disconnect tool making these fittings an excellent option for repairs, water heater installations or new construction projects – provided the pipe is cut squarely without scratches before using this solution!

(Pack of 2) Push Fit 3/4’’ x 1/2’’ Reducing Coupling

Push-to-connect fittings offer an easy way to join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe together without soldering or clamps – instead, stainless steel teeth bite down onto the pipe while an O-ring compresses to create a leakproof seal – all without tools! Disassembly can also be accomplished effortlessly!

These metal crimp fittings are stronger and better protected from dent, puncture and corrosion than their plastic barbed hose counterparts, providing greater resistance against dents, punctures and corrosion. Plus they can withstand higher pressures than plastic pipe would and protect against water hammer (shockwaves sent through your plumbing system when an inelastic valve closes quickly).

NSF certified fittings are ideal for use with gravity-flow waste lines containing acids or salt solutions as well as harsh chemicals. Furthermore, these fittings are easier to use than butt-weld fittings if frequent access to your chemical process lines for maintenance is necessary.

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