Bedroom Accessories to Make Your Space Feel Inviting and Calm

Bedroom accessories can make any space inviting and soothing, from decorative pillows to throw blankets – there’s sure to be something suitable for everyone in this selection of items!

A headboard serves to anchor and add coziness to any bed, making for an inviting environment. Layer it with a throw blanket for extra comfort and warmth. Lighting accessories should also be considered; layering various types such as wall sconces and table lamps will help make your room appear more visually intriguing while at the same time creating an atmosphere of serenity in the room.


A tastefully-arranged nightstand can serve as the focal point of any bedroom. Here you can store books, an extra reading lamp, photos and frames; add greenery with decorative plants for an eye-catching display!

Break free from tradition and choose nightstands of different styles or materials – as long as both pieces still feel balanced and complementary!

Your lamp (or sconces, if applicable) should be the centerpiece of your vignette, with books, greenery and decor in different heights to create an interesting balance. Doing this draws the eye upward and makes the room seem larger – something professional stylists use to make their arrangements look effortless yet impactful.


Headboards come in all sorts of styles to add the finishing touches to any bedroom decor, from luxuriously upholstered designs that add an air of elegance, to bold geometric forms that make a statement. A suitable headboard may even serve as the backdrop for artwork or photos to complete your space perfectly!

Historically, headboards were created to keep sleepers warm by acting as an insulator between their bed and wall. While their function has lessened over time, headboards still serve an important function by framing your bed and creating visual focal points within your room.

Make a bold statement in any room with your headboard by making one yourself from salvaged materials. Simply transform an ordinary picture frame into an artistic focal point by covering it in fabric and painting it a vivid shade; to prevent paint splatters, cover its surroundings with a drop cloth (or upcycle an old sheet into something useful).

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets can add an extra layer of comfort and style to your bed, whether used to complete an elegant bedding ensemble or serve as the finishing touch for patterned duvet covers. However, it’s important to remember that not all throw blankets are created equal.

Throw blankets are typically smaller in size than traditional blankets, making them an excellent way to add both warmth and style to your bedroom. Simply strew one casually across the foot of your bed or fold and place in one of its bottom corners for an eye-catching effect that is sure to enhance any bedroom setting. Stagger two different-colored or-textured throw blankets on top for even greater visual impact!

Decorative Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy and colorful way to add texture and colour to any bedroom. Select solid pillows in complementary hues for a relaxing environment or choose something with patterns for a touch of drama and interest in your decor.

Pillow sizes and shapes come in an assortment of sizes and shapes to help you create the look you desire. Pillows can also be enhanced with cords, tassels, fringes, appliques or beads to add more elegance and richness.

Symmetry and equilibrium play an integral part in interior design, which makes pillow placement an essential consideration. One classic three-pillow arrangement includes one larger square pillow at the back with two smaller rectangular pillows stacked on top to achieve an even and balanced appearance.

Storage Bed

For apartments or condominiums with limited closet space, storage beds could be an invaluable addition. These beds feature an adjustable lift-up base that opens into a large storage compartment where out-of-season clothing, extra bedding or shoes can be stored away easily.

If the base of your storage bed includes drawers, organize their contents so that it’s easy to find what you need quickly. If storing clothing or linens, consider using containers and/or covers to protect them from dust.

Many bedroom storage beds feature cabinets in the foot end of the bed with either right or left opening cabinet doors – perfect for keeping items such as heating pads and body lotion within easy reach at night!

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