The Best Furniture Apps on the Web

Furniture is a staple of home decor. People spend hours hunting down pieces that match their vision for an ideal living environment.

Wayfair’s app offers personalized recommendations and 3D Room View features for convenient shopping experience, in addition to offering a selection of artisan products.

Customer-centric features are an effective way of showing your appreciation for customers, such as filters that simplify search errands and push notifications that inform them about sales or specials.


Pepperfry is an online marketplace for furniture and home decor products, including furnishings, appliances, lamps & lighting and bath & body. In addition, accessories & pet supplies can also be purchased here.

This company utilizes a managed marketplace business model and connects small and medium-sized businesses and artisans with global buyers and sellers. Their omnichannel approach enables their customers to shop anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The company is currently devising a strategy that will position them to become the market leader for both domestic and office furniture. They plan on opening concept stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata that feature their full selection of products as well as provide design consultancy aimed at urban consumers who work from home and wish to accentuate the look of their workspaces.


Few home furnishings stores are as revered as IKEA, established by Ingvar Kamprad at 17 years of age. Its success can be attributed to both innovative design and low prices; Ingvar used an efficiency model that allowed him to increase production without increasing prices, passing savings onto his customers. IKEA’s iconic BILLY bookshelf even serves as an indicator for global currency values tracked by Bloomberg.

IKEA furniture contains many features that appeal to our subconscious minds, such as its white showrooms that trigger positive associations within us. Additionally, their products often use sustainably-sourced materials.

IKEA sells more than home furniture – they offer kitchen and bathroom items, rugs, textiles and lighting – in addition to selling home furniture. Employees receive competitive pay with flexible benefits and the store cafeteria offering delicious Swedish meatballs! Their showrooms feature rooms designed to inspire shoppers, while they also provide flat-pack options which reduce shipping costs.


Wayfair is one of the leading ecommerce furniture and home item retailers in North America, boasting 14 million products spread across five websites with 80 “house brands” to categorize items by decorating aesthetic. Wayfair stands out by selling both its own products directly to consumers as well as purchasing from over 11,000 suppliers before shipping them out to customers.

This app contains several features to make purchasing and designing home goods simpler, such as augmented reality features and advanced room planner tools. These give customers a more realistic experience and foster trust and loyalty with purchases made.

As well as these features, the app also enables users to track packages and receive personalized recommendations engine. Its artificial intelligence engine can integrate product images from past purchases into search results to help shoppers quickly locate matching pieces. Furthermore, there is also a visual search feature which enables customers to upload photos then retrieve similar products in its catalog.


Amazon has recently invested heavily in their app, adding numerous new features. Customers can now see how an item will look in their home using the View in Your Room tool on product detail pages – this helps avoid having to return unwanted furniture! Furthermore, most orders now come with guaranteed delivery dates (although sometimes these guarantee dates come earlier than anticipated) while Prime members were granted six month trial of its Subscribe & Save service in July 2015.

Some of the other new features include a more tailored shopping experience based on past purchases; price alerts for products; and improved search functionality.

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