Bathroom Design Ideas – How Storage Can Elevate a Space

Storage is essential in designing any bathroom – be it the powder room or primary bath – and floating shelves provide ideal solutions. They’re an effective way to organize toiletries, greenery and decorative pieces.

If your family includes children, consider installing two sinks to avoid arguments over towels and bath products, or choose an inbuilt cubby that keeps supplies hidden from sight and mind.

Think Outside the Box

Be bold when it comes to bathroom design ideas! Dare to be creative by adding bold colors or unexpected finishes such as gold or rose-gold fixtures that stand out.

This bathroom by Atelier ND features an intertwining floor tile pattern to unify various surfaces. A suspended mirror vanity can be found near an asymmetrical window for optimal natural lighting.

Brick walls don’t just belong in kitchens and living rooms – they make for stunning bathroom decor too! Add an element of modern paisley wallpaper or chic speckled options for an exciting twist.

Mix It Up

Mixing colors and styles is an easy way to add visual interest and variety in the bathroom, provided they coordinate in terms of finishes. Reagan Taylor created an eye-catching bathroom design by pairing brushed nickel fixtures and hardware with black toilet seats – creating an eye-catching contrast that is sure to spark conversation!

Texture can add dimension and variety to your bathroom ideas. Chelius House of Design created this exquisite bathroom using wood, rattan, and bamboo textures that give off a spa feel in this bathroom space.

Add a Statement Tub

No matter its vintage or modern aesthetic, statement tubs can make for stunning focal points in any bathroom – not necessarily freestanding ones, like this example from Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Light-colored tubs can create the impression that a bathroom is larger and brighter. Sage green tubs are currently fashionable; however, deep blue or navy tubs could also look striking.

Make a Statement in Your Shower

Bold patterns can add visual interest and bring together different styles, like Zoe Feldman’s modern/traditional combination in this bathroom decor idea.

Make sure to consider color when adding bold patterns into your bathroom, particularly light hues that help the pattern pop, while more neutral tones can give a softer, more sophisticated appearance.

House of Chais provides this master bath featuring Moroccan tadelackt walls to provide contrast against its polished shower fixtures and brushed steel sinks.

Go Bold with a Black Toilet

Though black isn’t usually associated with bathrooms, its presence adds drama and sophistication to any decor scheme. Furthermore, a black toilet works with various materials as seen here in this farmhouse-inspired bathroom.

To brighten up a dark bathroom, choose natural elements like greenery to help make it seem lighter. Here, ivy acts as an area rug and complements both dark floors and decor nicely, while an economical sliding door adds privacy while saving space in this small bathroom design.

Think Outside the Mirror

Designer Cathie Hong provides us with an excellent example of how bathroom accessories can bring any space together, by including decorative yet practical storage features like this ladder for towels.

Do not be intimidated to experiment with color in your bathroom — it isn’t limited to living rooms alone! Here, a vibrant blue ceiling works to balance out the room’s busy kismet tile pattern and provide a relaxing space for bathing.

Do not let a quirky floor plan or roof line prevent you from creating your ideal bathroom space – as this designer used mirrors to make her asymmetrical tub work flawlessly!

Think Outside the Wallpaper

Though it can be easy to focus on large ticket items when designing your bathroom, smaller details can also play a pivotal role in elevating its aesthetics. A macrame towel rack, for instance, not only adds functionality but can also look visually stunning.

A vaulted ceiling may seem like something only found in larger bathrooms, but using one in a smaller area can create the illusion of more space while serving as an eye-catching focal point.

Look beyond traditional square and rectangular tiles when choosing tiles for your elegant bathroom design; consider opting for those featuring bolder shapes and patterns instead. Not only will this add visual interest but it can add some glitz.

Think Outside the Sink

When designing a bathroom, look beyond just the sink for storage solutions. Designers frequently incorporate linen closets between baths or use space from bedrooms or hallways by installing extra closets in the bath itself; or add small armoires.

Planning ahead can ensure your new bathroom meets all of your needs over time, regardless of physical limitations. Consider including universal design features like no-scald faucet handles and easy-grasp cabinets so it will remain accessible for everyone in your family.

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