Roof Repair Vs. Replacement – Making the Right Decision

Considerations when deciding between roof repair or replacement are numerous; such as cost, appearance and insurance considerations.

If your roof is relatively new and has only experienced aesthetic damage, repair may suffice; but, if approaching 20 years or experiencing structural problems it would likely be wiser to opt for replacement instead.

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Roof replacement can be an enormous investment for homeowners, and should always be thoroughly considered before making a decision. Replacement is generally more cost-effective than repair as it involves taking down and replacing an entire roofing system rather than just patching damaged shingles.

Moderate damage sometimes requires partial replacement, which may cost more than simply repairing the area affected. This method, however, can prevent costly water leaks that create structural and cosmetic issues throughout your home.

Replacing your roof with modern materials can boost energy efficiency and lower energy costs, making the expense more affordable over time. Before making this decision, however, it is wise to carefully consider your plans for staying at this home; buying and selling properties are costly undertakings that you may not be prepared to undertake even if replacement roofing needs to happen.


Replacement takes much longer than repairs to complete; its duration largely dependent on the extent of damage as well as any structural issues such as rotting decking or damaged rafters that must be addressed before installing a new roof.

Patching roofs is no small task; not only is it messy, but attempting to accurately assess underlying problems is nearly impossible when replacing superficial materials like shingles and asphalt sheets. Furthermore, houses featuring many patches and repairs may reduce curb appeal significantly, potentially discouraging potential buyers.

Consider how long you plan on staying in your home before making this decision. Replacing an outdated roof could significantly raise its market value; however, if selling is imminent then repair may be more cost-effective option.


Homeowners insurance provides peace of mind when undertaking major home improvement projects like roof replacement or repair, but its specifics vary widely between policies; knowing yours can help make an informed decision about whether to proceed.

Most homeowner policies cover damage caused by natural causes, like trees falling through your roof during a storm and letting rain pour in, ruining furniture, carpet and personal items in your living room. Most insurance companies also cover events like hurricanes, tropical storms and wildfires which leave homes susceptible to extreme damage; however they may refuse coverage if any perils that weren’t listed as covered were to occur, perhaps by trying to deny claims or imposing high deductibles to discourage claims altogether.

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