Choosing a Bathroom Faucet That Will Last

Faucets are an integral component of bathroom life, so selecting one with longevity should be top of mind. Consider corrosion-resistant materials and leak-proof valves when making your selection.

Consider both style and finish carefully when choosing a faucet for your vessel sink, such as one designed with vessel sink-specific features such as water-saving aerators. Others feature lever handles which may make turning easier for people with arthritis in their hands.


Brass is an adaptable metal that blends easily into many bathroom designs. With its warm color and durability, brass faucets are often chosen due to its durability. Furthermore, copper ions released when bacteria come in contact with it disrupt their DNA and eventually kill off any colonies present – another added advantage.

Brushed brass faucets are increasingly popular because their subtle yet inviting look doesn’t draw too much attention. Furthermore, this finish doesn’t show water spots and fingerprints nearly as readily as polished brass finishes do.

Our Loft 2.0 Collection boasts an exquisite aged brass finish that would complement a modern traditional environment perfectly, or opt for our mid-century gate valve style with S1 Preston handles to achieve an eye-catching classic aesthetic.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bathroom faucets feature a luxurious look that works well in many design styles. Their durability, scratch resistance and corrosion/rust resistance makes them great choices, unlike brass which has pores or crevices where dirt may gather. Plus they don’t release harmful chemicals into waterways like some metals do.

While higher-end stainless steel bathroom sink faucets may cost more upfront, their long-term performance and durability make the investment worthwhile. Opting for models made of metal instead of plastic can extend its lifespan and prevent costly repairs in the future. Furthermore, stainless steel offers greater design choices including ergonomic handles and Kerox ceramic disc cartridges to reduce water waste while being easier to keep clean as they don’t attract fingerprints or smudges like other materials do.


Brass faucets with special dezincification resistant (DZR) construction tend to last the longest and are most corrosion resistant, making them an investment worth making for years of hard use. While more costly than other materials, brass can withstand even extreme use over time.

Zinc faucets offer great aesthetic value at an economical price point, yet are less durable than brass models. Zinc models typically use cast ZAMAK zinc alloy – nearly indistinguishable from brass – for construction; handles made of this material work fine without hydraulic force exerted upon them but won’t last when exposed repeatedly to water and harsh chemicals.

Powder coated finishes (also known as enamel) in muted tones of matte black or brushed nickel provide an alternative to chrome that’s easy to maintain and conceals water spots and fingerprints more effectively than chrome would.


Plastic components tend to cost less than those made from metal alloys and tend to be lighter and more durable. Plastic is also great in areas with hard water conditions that could corrode metal components over time.

There is an array of standard and high-end bathroom faucets available for purchase, ranging from standard single handle lever faucets to Joystick handles which move a bit differently but still make using your bathroom easy – these types are frequently found on ADA compliant bathroom fixtures. Which style you select ultimately depends on what look you wish to achieve in your bathroom space. A single-handle lever faucet is typically easy to operate and perfect for traditional settings while Joystick handles can help create more ADA compliant fixtures.

HONGKE Valve has been producing high quality plastic faucets for 13 years and exporting them worldwide. All our products undergo stringent quality controls before delivery to ensure optimal quality standards are maintained.


Installing or replacing an old bathroom sink faucet offers nearly limitless choices when it comes to style or color preferences. Before getting too carried away with either aspect, be sure that any cabinets or mirrors placed above the sink will clear its spout for ease of installation and removal.

Be sure to ensure the spout is high enough for comfortable handwashing, which typically ranges between 8-16 inches. Cross or knob handles are classic choices that complement both traditional and transitional styles while lever handles offer more modernity with their many shapes and finishes.

Use a caliper or read through your installation instructions to make sure the faucet fits in its mounting hole properly, covering any extra holes with deck plates if necessary to save on professional installation costs.

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