Attractive Flooring Ideas to Spruce Up Home Decorating

The floor takes up a large percentage of a room’s space, making it one of the most prominent design features. Stylish flooring ideas can transform rooms and spruce up home decorating.

Timeless and smart, parquet-style patterns like basket weave or chevron add depth to a space. If you want a more unique look, try a wirebrushed finish or a frieze texture, which has twists that resemble curls.

Inlaid Marble

Inlaid marble designs can create a mesmerizing appearance in your bedroom or other rooms of the house. This form of art, called Pietra Dura, originated in the 16th century and involves etching grooves into a slab of marble and then filling them with small pieces of other materials, like gemstones.

The result is a unique flooring design that combines different shades of marble and other materials to create a distinctive pattern. For example, a black marble tile might feature a white diamond shape in its centre. This is a great way to add a touch of modernism to your space while maintaining the classic look of marble floors.

Alternatively, you could use a dark marble with rounded edges to achieve a more traditional style. This type of floor looks stunning when paired with wooden furniture. It also provides a neutral base that can be easily complemented with any colour of paint or wallpaper. The result is a luxurious feel that will add to the value of your home.

Three-Dimensional Tiles

Many home design enthusiasts love to add a touch of flair to their space by decorating with three-dimensional tiles. These creative innovations provide a stunning effect and boost the aesthetic of any room.

While dimensional tile flooring isn’t suitable for all homes, it can be used as a creative way to divide rooms or create an imaginative transition from one room into another. If you decide to choose this option, it’s best to reserve these tiles for a statement wall as they can be harder to clean than traditional tile styles.

If you’re looking for a modern, eye-catching tile to use as an accent wall or floor in your home, consider this 3D tile that looks like a basket weave pattern. This glazed ceramic tile is ideal for most home design preferences and can be dressed up with yellow accessories or eclectic wall art to complement the bold pattern. Alternatively, you could dress this tile up with an area rug and welcome guests into your home with a warm and inviting entryway.

Metallic Accents

Metallics are a popular design trend that can instantly add a touch of glamor to your home. From soft silver to bronze and copper, these rich tones work well with a variety of styles including classic Victorian, edgy industrial and sleek contemporary.

When incorporated wisely, metallic accents can be an eye-catching focal point that elevates wood floors to a luxurious level. Using mirrors, decorative artwork, and reflective surfaces to amplify light, along with integrating natural textures to create balance and visual appeal, are some of the easiest ways to incorporate this trendy metal into your home.

For a more permanent touch of sparkle, try using metallic vinyl tiles as a backsplash in your kitchen. Whether used in a herringbone pattern or a border, this flooring choice can transform your kitchen into a dazzling focal point. Metallic tiles pair nicely with organic elements, such as brushed stone countertops and wood cabinets, establishing a seamless and elegant aesthetic.

Bright Colored Marble

Using brightly colored marble in your home can be an effective way to add visual interest. You can use the color in a pattern or design, or opt for solid-colored tiles that will add a splash of vibrancy to your space.

Pacific Grey offers a subdued grey base and a burst of white veins that catch the light beautifully. If you want a more exotic color, consider Blue Sodalite for a unique blend of calcite, pyrite and lazunite that evokes the ocean and sky.

Brown marble is another great option for adding natural charm to your home. Tronyx marble is a particularly popular choice for this material, as it offers a wide range of colors with varying levels of intensity.

Gold marble is also a great choice for residential and commercial renovations. Its natural beauty reflects light, making spaces look brighter and more spacious. This flooring will complement any style of furniture and decorations you may have in your home.

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