Kitchen Layout Ideas For Families on a Budget

It’s getting cold and wet here in April and I decided to make a little kitchen for my daughter’s use. The kids were out of school so I made her room into her own little cubby house. That old kitchen seemed empty without the three children chairs left and the kitchen table with crumbs on it. Here is how it went.

Planning – Now that we had her new kitchen space we could plan out her new kitchen design ideas for appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. Once the basic layout was decided, we moved on to the specifics of the appliances. We knew she wanted a sink, small dishwasher and deep refrigerator but we were not sure how or what type she wanted. Here is what we came up with.

Appliances – She Loves Her Large Toaster/ microwave/low grill combination. We got her a large one as an addition to the oven/grill that opens up and has a window where she can keep the steam inside while cooking. The kids’ grills also fit in the kitchen with their barbeque fire. They do not need an outlet but work fine with gas cookers. I chose to get a combination stove and oven so she could use all of her appliances for cooking.

Cabinets and Storage – I chose to remodel all of the cabinets separately so we could create the custom kitchen shape she wanted with all the cabinets we needed. We found these stainless steel corner units from a company called Cabinets Plus. They have some really beautiful stainless steel look cabinets that match the color of the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring – We love the tile she has chosen to finish the backsplash and along the walls. She has chosen to tile the kitchen with ceramic tiles for our home. This kitchen is just the beginning as she plans to do the kitchen for other family members as well. We think this would be such a great idea to create a new kitchen layout for other cooking enthusiasts.

Kitchen Remodeling has been such a rewarding experience for us. We love spending time in our new kitchen and cooking meals with our family. This kitchen was such a pleasant surprise for us, especially when our contractor told us how much less labor and materials it would cost. Kitchen Remodeling is not always as easy as you think it is. You need to plan every step of the project to make sure everything goes perfectly.

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