Cheap Flooring Ideas for Any Budget

Low cost flooring is one of the fastest growing trends in home remodeling today. Low cost flooring refers to the economical use of wood, ceramic, and other natural resources to cover floors and counter tops in a home. The term “low cost” is somewhat misleading because cheap does not necessarily mean low quality. While natural materials are more expensive than glues, stamps, or vinyl tiles, they are usually less expensive than vinyl or ceramic tile flooring. Choosing low cost flooring may require some research to find the best value and the best products available.

For those looking for low cost flooring, there are many resources available to choose from, including magazines, websites, and home improvement retailers. A quick search of the Internet will bring up a number of websites that specialize in low cost flooring options. Among these sites are Home Depot, Lowes, and Homebuilders. These are just a few of the online retailers that can offer great prices on all sorts of products including laminate, ceramic, and vinyl flooring. Some of the larger retailers, such as Costco and Sam’s Club, also have a large selection of low cost flooring products.

Before purchasing cheap flooring, homeowners should be sure to consider the type of flooring they wish to install. If someone chooses to use vinyl tiles, it is important to know the amount of vinyl needed per square foot. For example, installing vinyl on the second story of a house requires a minimum of 14 square feet of vinyl per square foot. For those who choose to install ceramic or laminate flooring, a person should be aware that installing ceramic tile requires at least two square feet of vinyl per square foot. Installing laminate flooring should require only one square foot of vinyl per square foot.

For those who are looking for the most affordable way to install hardwood flooring, they may want to think about bamboo flooring. It should only take about two to three square feet of bamboo flooring per person, depending on the size of the room. People interested in trying out other types of wood flooring, such as cedar wood flooring, will need to know the lumber size required, the finish, and the amount of planks needed per piece. In many cases, people will be able to get away with using lesser amounts of lumber, such as one quarter inch planks per square foot, for projects that do not require the use of the entire plank.

Low cost flooring ideas do not have to involve the use of cheap materials. For example, the homeowner can purchase real wood flooring that costs more than the amount that is typically required for installing a laminate or vinyl flooring planks. Some homeowners may even elect to use oak flooring instead of vinyl or tile floors. If someone has a sufficient budget, he or she can even install a custom designed floor, something that would be too expensive for a standard house plan.

The cost of a flooring product will vary based on the type of material, the finishing process, the size of the flooring piece, the amount of planks used, and the type of lamination used. For example, vinyl floors can cost anywhere from two to three dollars per square foot, while bamboo flooring will cost anywhere between six and ten dollars per square foot. When comparing the prices, it is best to consider the amount of time and effort that will be involved installing these floors as well as the amount of money that will have to be invested in buying replacement flooring. People can create their own low cost flooring ideas by searching the Internet.

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