Types of Home Kitchen Designs

A kitchen is usually a part or an area of a given room used primarily for food preparation and cooking in a home or in an office, often with some dining space in addition. Commercial kitchens can be located in hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, cafeterias, military bases, hospitals, offices, and other similar locations which are built by contractors like A+ Construction & Remodeling. A kitchen can also be a public space like a park, library, etc. It is designed to be a central hub for the operation of various kitchen activities. This means that the kitchen must have a sufficient number of stations for all food preparation, kitchen operations, cooking, food storage, cooling, and cleaning, in addition to adequate electrical, plumbing, sanitary, and other resources.

The kitchen can be divided in different ways. In most houses, a family kitchen is the place where the whole family cooks and dishes, usually after dinner, are prepared. The kitchen in such homes is usually the most popular and busiest of all the kitchen areas, since most meals are prepared there. In contrast, a residential kitchen is a separate area meant only for the use of the residents of a certain house or apartment, where all the cooking, food preparation, and meals are done.

Residential kitchens can have one to three cabinets along three walls. These cabinets may be stacked one above the other, or in short, one above the other along the wall. The cabinets can be placed on hinges, on their hinges open or closed, or on hinges that swing open. Wall-mounted sinks are commonly seen in residential kitchens.

The galley kitchen design, as noted above, is the most common design for a kitchen. This layout consists of one sink on each wall, with one or two cabinets on each side of the sink, and a stove on top of the cabinet. In this arrangement, the stove is always placed behind the cabinets. In this design, the stove can also have movable racks located beside it; however, these racks need to be placed high enough up on the walls so that the heat from the stove does not reach them. A dishwasher, built-in or otherwise, sits at the bottom of the galley layout.

One of the most common layout types found in restaurant kitchens is the L-shaped layout. The L-shaped layout has a sink on the far side of the kitchen, a stove on the middle section of the kitchen, and a small refrigerator on the other end. Restaurant kitchens that feature this type of layout are almost always the smaller restaurants found in town centers or downtown areas.

There are many other types of kitchen layouts. The information provided in this article is merely an illustration of several popular ones. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you are looking for a more complete citation needed for getting started in home food preparation, visit your local library or search for “home-food preparation” on the Internet. You will find complete reference guides for all types of home kitchens.