How to Draw a Bathroom Elevation

Bathrooms are one of the most vital rooms in a home and renovating them correctly is essential to providing optimal homeowner experience and ROI. In this episode, Frances outlines why internal elevations are an integral component of a thoughtfully planned design, helping prevent costly mistakes before construction begins.

Homeowners in 2023 are opting for bold color accents in cabinets and fixtures in their bathrooms to make it more lively. A blue vanity creates a dramatic focal point in an otherwise neutral room.

Floor Plan

If you want to create an Elevation Floor Plan of your Bathroom, it is crucial that you understand its dimensions and symbols in order to produce accurate outlines that ensure all objects in your drawing are correctly placed. Furthermore, prioritising other important plans such as Floor Plans and Reflected Ceiling Plans as the starting points.

This layout offers plenty of open floor space and flexibility in terms of positioning the toilet. Furthermore, there is a custom tile shower and clawfoot tub, making room for windows or decorative elements that further enhance its aesthetics.

Frances from Design Essentials will explain why internal elevation drawings are so essential, and how they can reduce costly mistakes both before and during construction. She’ll show how EdrawMax can quickly create all necessary drawings for your project.

Wall Plan

Wall plans of bathrooms are essential components of their overall design, showing where cabinets, sinks and shower will be situated as well as their dimensions and how they connect together. This information can also help design barrier-free bathrooms by providing enough clearance for mobility aids.

Understanding different types of plans and elevations is easiest when compared with real-life examples, helping you learn to read them and incorporate them into your design process more easily while creating more accurate drawings.

Frances provides an essential lesson on internal elevations as part of her Bathroom Design Essentials series, discussing their value and their ability to help avoid costly mistakes during construction. She provides basic steps and techniques for drawing precise internal elevations using EdrawMax software.

Ceiling Plan

An RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) is a print that depicts dimensions, materials and other key details about ceilings in rooms illustrated on your blueprint. It gets its name from being seen like looking in a mirror: reflecting off its surfaces back at you for easier reading.

Edraw Max makes creating RCPs easy! Simply select the Symbols menu, and choose your preferred RCP symbols before dragging and dropping to customize its design.

EdrawMax provides all of the tools for beginners and experienced users alike to get started in creating stunning reflected ceiling plans quickly and cost effectively, all while collaborating in real time with team members in real time. Give it a try now; it’s free of charge! You won’t regret it.

Lighting Plan

An optimal bathroom lighting situation can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Task lighting for tasks and cleaning should always be available; however, most homeowners would appreciate soft light setting the scene for relaxing soaks in the tub or soft morning showers.

An effective lighting plan begins with recessed lights to provide ambient (general) illumination, with their number determined by ceiling height and distributed evenly around the room.

Choose dimmable bulbs to easily adjust the brightness in your bathroom. Low color temperature bulbs (warmer and yellower hue) provide ideal ambient lighting; brighter, more blue-tinged options provide task and accent lighting respectively.

Decorational lights like sconces and pendants add the perfect finishing touches to your lighting scheme. Make sure they are waterproofed before having them installed by an electrician to ensure safety and compliance with code.

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