How to Decorate a Modern Living Room

If you’re looking to transform your living space into a contemporary masterpiece, here are some tips you can follow. From color palettes and furniture selections, these living room ideas will help create an airy yet timeless atmosphere.

When decorating a modern living room, quality over quantity should be your top priority. Mixing and matching different styles is an effective way to achieve cohesion without going overboard.

Color Palette

When decorating a modern living room or just giving your space an updated aesthetic, color is paramount. While selecting colors can be daunting, it’s achievable if you know what you’re doing.

To select the ideal colors, consider combining hues and undertones. This can be achieved through paint, furniture, fabrics or even accessories.

Modern living rooms often opt for a neutral, earthy palette as it provides both an organic backdrop and sophisticated appeal. Greens and blues with undertones of brown, gray or black are popular choices in this type of space.

One of the simplest ways to add vibrant color to a modern living room is by painting your walls. Bold shades like navy blue are timeless and never go out of style, so experiment with mixing and matching different nuances of blue for an eye-catching aesthetic.


Modern living room furniture is an integral element of the overall design. It should be comfortable for those using it and also functional.

For instance, your living room should include a sofa or sectional, side tables and accent chairs. Additionally, it should have a coffee table as well as lighting fixtures.

Your library should have shelves for organizing books, trinkets and other items. Additionally, there should be space to store electronics and media equipment.

Kelly Collins from Swyft Home (opens in new tab) suggests avoiding overcrowding one space to maximize floor space and walking paths. Instead, select furniture with raised legs so the floor remains visible, she advises.

Curved sofas and ottomans, as well as oversized organic-shaped coffee tables, are all trending right now. Don’t be afraid to experiment with materials, colors and patterns for a unique aesthetic.


Living rooms are multipurpose spaces that serve a variety of functions and require proper lighting to function optimally. A well-lit living room creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests, family members, and friends to relax in.

Modern living rooms should incorporate various lighting types to achieve this look, such as ambient, task and decorative illumination.

Selecting fixtures that meet these needs will create a beautiful illumination while also creating an intimate ambience in your living room.

For a bright and cozy space to unwind, try installing a swag pendant light or plug-in wall sconces in your living room. These types of lights provide an even, warm glow that’s ideal for reading, watching television shows, or entertaining guests.

For tasks requiring extra light, such as crafting or knitting, floor lamps and desk lamps are the perfect solution. These lights direct light onto your work surface and are usually adjustable so you can tuck them away or reposition them when necessary.


Modern living rooms require a balance of soft furnishings and accessories to add visual interest. Clocks, rugs, storage baskets and wall art can all be used to achieve this look in your home interior design.

For a chic and contemporary aesthetic, select bold and patterned accessories to add splashes of color. Alternatively, if you favor a more minimalist approach, stick with neutral accessories to keep things uncomplicated.

Decorative accents are essential to any roomscape – they give it personality, improve the overall aesthetic and create a space you enjoy spending time in. Find unique vases, eye-catching centerpieces and an array of figurines for the ideal addition to your coffee table or mantel.

Organizing your living room accessories makes it simpler to keep a neat and orderly space. Trays are great for stowing away remotes, coasters and other small items on your coffee table.

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