6 Tips to Get the Best Office Copier Leasing

Do you want to lease an office copier in Tampa? Have you calculated your costs but are unsure if you are receiving the best offer? To ensure that you’re getting a better offer on your copier lease, it is essential to compare the offers you received. In this article, we’ll go through a few leasing advice and how to evaluate copier leases.

  1. Look at the current printing volume

Having knowledge about current print volume is necessary if you’re planning to lease a copier. For this specific purpose, you must know the anticipated volume of work in order to choose the appropriate copier as copiers are built with this in consideration.

  1. Estimating your monthly payment

Your salary is divided into two main parts. The cost of the equipment is the first factor to consider, followed by the cost of the supply and services. Based on how high-end the copier is, the copier portion of the lease will typically cost from $60 and $300 a month, with the typical copier machine costing approximately $150 per month. Based primarily upon the number of prints you make; materials and service are varied. You’ll need to be familiar with print volumes in order to estimate this portion of the price, much like anticipating how much fuel will require in a new automobile.

  1. Color or black and white?

The next thing you need to decide is whether you want a color or a black-and-white photocopier. Instead of the actual printing equipment section of the cost, the printer lease will more prominently represent this gap in the supplies and services section of your payment. Generally speaking, a 45-page-per-minute device should cost roughly the same as the copier machine itself, but the cost of a color copier’s repair service will be higher.

  1. The terms of the lease

The lease period will be the next important part of comprehending your copier leasing. This means that you’ll need to understand the length of the lease (often 3 or 5 years). The less lease would have a higher monthly fee, while the longer lease would have a cheaper monthly cost.

  1. The type of the copier

Which would you choose to lease—a multifunction printer or an office copier? Compared to an office copier, which often stands on the floor, a printer is more like a desktop device. If you will not need 11 x 17 capability but only need to print a small number of pages, we advise renting a multifunction printer.

There are many factors to consider when leasing office copier machines. We assist businesses in renting color copiers and printers. We will assist you in getting a lease agreement for the appropriate copier machine and type of copier lease that is suitable for your business.

  1. New copier, used copier, or a copier rental?

If you purchase a used, rented, or new copier, the price will also vary. Used items will be the least costly, followed by new and rented items, which are typically the most expensive. If you purchase a desktop multifunction device, this is an exception. As opposed to leasing a used copier, desktop copiers are typically less expensive (not if, it is a secondhand desktop copier.)

Copier leasing really isn’t a difficult process. Let us assist you in simplifying the procedure so that you can receive the ideal offer for your company.

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