5 Essential Pieces of Furniture For Your Bedroom

Furniture your bedroom allows you to express yourself. From traditional to contemporary styles, there is sure to be something suitable.

At times, matching bedroom furniture sets may be ideal; however, some individuals prefer mixing and matching for a more casual aesthetic.

Essential pieces include a bed, dresser and nightstand; additional options could include chairs or armoires to provide storage solutions.


Beds are pieces of furniture designed to support human naps and sleep. Beds may contain various components, including headboard and footboard, side rails, legs, as well as dust ruffle/bed skirt features to hide their frames and add aesthetic value.

Pillows are often used for head support and blankets or duvets can provide insulation during sleep – together these components make up what is known as bedding.

Wooden frames are popular as they complement various decoration styles such as farmhouse or vintage decor, while upholstered beds pair beautifully with high-end and luxurious designs. Some bedroom frames even come equipped with storage solutions – which is particularly helpful for smaller rooms.


Dressers and chests of drawers are key pieces in the bedroom furniture repertoire, providing essential storage solutions.

Dressers are long, low pieces that typically feature six or more drawers for storage purposes. Since dressers can act as focal points in any room’s decor theme, make sure that its style coordinates with your own.

A chest of drawers stands taller than its counterpart and usually offers four to five drawers for storage needs in rooms with limited floor space or higher ceilings. They make for an excellent alternative solution when space is at a premium or ceilings are higher.


Nightstands or bedside tables are an effective way to add functionality to your bedroom. They provide extra surfaces for lamps, books, drinks and remote controls as well as provide an area to store medications or mobile phones you might want nearby.

Nightstands come in all forms: simple tables to more elaborate models featuring drawers for additional storage space. Your nightstand choice can make or break the look of your bedroom; find something that complements its other decor pieces to complete its overall aesthetic.

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is an ideal storage piece for smaller rooms. Look for waist or bench-high versions, which can connect directly with mirrors to make adapted dressing tables.

On our site you’ll find chests of drawers to suit any style or decor imaginable – classic wood pieces as well as contemporary ones with herringbone-patterned oak veneer and brass trimming to enhance any living room or dining area.

As another option, consider choosing a metal chest of drawers featuring leather luggage handles to complete an industrial-themed living room.


Bedroom chairs can serve many functions beyond being aesthetic additions to the room – they can help create dressing tables and reading nooks! Take this gorgeous striped accent chair by OKA as an example: small in scale with deep seat, brass-stud edging and black legs featuring gold tips – an eye-catcher in its own right!

Or you could opt for something smaller like Oliver Bonas’ tub chair with its compact silhouette and luxurious chenille upholstery and dark wooden legs – perfect for tight spaces!


Ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture that serve numerous functions. From adding style and functionality to any living space to providing soft texture in your bedroom, ottomans provide endless opportunities.

Ottomans come in various fabrics and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from large ones serving as footrests to smaller ones that serve as coffee tables.

There are ottomans with hollow centers and hinged lids, ideal for storage in any family room. Throw blankets, pillows and even board games can all fit inside these ottomans!


There are numerous bedroom storage solutions, from wardrobes and fitted alcove units, to shelves. When selecting one for yourself, select one with no protruding edges that could potentially catch on clothing or upholstery if positioned too closely, while being spacious enough to store books, decorative accessories and more.

Reuse an old chest or crate as a bedside unit, or add a trundle drawer under your mattress for quick and easy access to extra linen or towels.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving looks more elegant and tidy than freestanding cupboards, especially when coupled with glass fronted sections for airy appearances. Don’t forget vertical space: wall mounted shelves above your head provide ample storage options for clothing, bags and luggage.

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